The sick truth about our meat

Three dead pigs lie piled on top of one another, dumped in a corner of a hangar-like building at a farm in the north-east of England. From the snout of one, a stream of blood snakes across the concrete floor and into an adjoining pen. There, young, live animals are held in groups of five… [Continue Reading]

Never be sick again

Pret A Manger accepts folley of ‘sandwiches in exchange for work experience’

Pret A Manger has been forced to backtrack on plans for a work experience scheme which would have seen 16-18 year olds offered free sandwiches. The company announced the “Big Experience Week Scheme” on Monday, which it said would allow 500 young people to “get exposure to aspects of our business including food production, customer service, social responsibility.”… [Continue Reading]

Petrol-based chemical silicone found in Silly Putty make up a MacDonalds Fries

‘Potatoes, thank goodness! That’s a good start,’ former Mythbusters host Grant Imahara says as he goes on to reveal the 13 other ingredients contained in a humble McDonald’s fry. The TV personality traveled to the fast food chain’s potato processing plant in Idaho to see the production process from start to finish. During his investigation he found… [Continue Reading]

What You Should Know About Anti-Aging Creams

All of us want to fight against skin aging. In fact, a lot of women are buying anti-aging creams being sold in the market today. However, the results are variable; while some report good results with it, others do not. The question is: how do we find out if an anti-aging cream really works for… [Continue Reading]

Mother left baby, toddler locked in car while drinking in bar

Mother left baby and toddler locked in car while she went drinking in bar… at 4am! A young mother who left her two children – including an eight-month-old baby – in an unlocked car while she went out drinking until nearly 4am has been warned she faces jail. The baby – who was strapped into… [Continue Reading]

Common Neighbour Disputes

Access to a neighbour’s land for repairs If you want to carry out repairs to property or land you may need to have access to your neighbouring property or land in order to carry out these repairs. There may be a right of entry specifically for the purposes of inspection or repair in the property’s… [Continue Reading]