Asda sales slump even further than its rivals – worst decline in two decades

All of Britain’s four biggest supermarkets – Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons – have suffered sales declines in the last quarter, industry data from Kantar showed earlier this month, with Asda the worst performer. Its figure is the worst since Asda began recording comparable sales in 2006 and it is thought that there has not… [Continue Reading]

Dairy farming: No milk of human kindness left

A modest spread beside the velvety banks of the Severn estuary in Gloucestershire, Tump Farm has changed little during the four generations that Andrew Guest’s family have been running it. The cows are contented, the farmer loves his work and around the place, with its weather-battered barns and veteran tractor, hangs a reassuringly old-fashioned sense… [Continue Reading]

6 Most Frequently Used Car Selling Scams

Deposit fraud A fraudulent seller will attempt to use high-pressure sales tactics – using lines such as “I’ve got a definite buyer coming in an hour”, or “It’s advertised cheaply for a quick sale” – in order to try and con buyers into paying a large deposit to secure the vehicle. They then easily disappear,… [Continue Reading]

How to complain to the chief executive

Customer service all over the nation seems to be on an all-time low, as we struggle to deal with unhappy complaints. Thousands of complaints are received and filed throughout the year, from misfortunate customers who are demanding their issue be recognised – usually because a call centre cannot correct a minor problem that lies outside… [Continue Reading]

Dating website for PAEDOPHILES exposed by Mirror investigation

A Sunday Mirror investigation discovered encourages male and female paedophiles to get together and raise their own little victims to rape and abuse. A vile social network site created to help perverts breed children for sex has been exposed by a Sunday Mirror investigation. encourages male and female paedophiles to get together and… [Continue Reading]

Fees trap for cash or cheque payments that can rack up to £240

Millions of pensioners and cash-strapped families are paying £240 a year extra for their phone, gas and electricity bills simply because they need to pay by cash or cheque. Loyal customers like Janette and Frank Whitehouse are being hit with fees just for paying their bill, such as the £22.68 extra they must pay BT… [Continue Reading]

Tesco suspends fifth executive over accounting scandal

Tesco has suspended a fifth executive following the discovery of a £250m black hole in its accounts. Britain’s biggest supermarket has asked Kevin Grace, the group commercial director, to step aside while an investigation is carried out into the profit shortfall. Mr Grace sits on Tesco’s executive committee alongside Chris Bush, the UK managing director,… [Continue Reading]