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Community in action against exorbitant plane fares to Jamaica

For the last few years, many travellers to Jamaica have seen a massive increase in airfares and a further reduction of their baggage allowances. The major airlines, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are the only two commercial airlines which fly to Jamaica from the UK, and as a result, they have certainly used this opportunity… [Continue Reading]

Virgin Atlantic faces racial discrimination accusation over job rejection

A refugee from West Africa who settled in Wales 10 years ago is accusing Virgin Atlantic of racial discrimination after his application for a call centre job was rejected. When Max Kpakio applied in his own name for the job in Swansea he was turned down, but when he submitted a new application under the… [Continue Reading]

Consumers can miss out with holiday ‘Hurry Deals’

A Which? investigation has found that consumers are not always getting the best price when they book holidays using time-limited deals. ‘Hurry Deals’ are increasingly used by travel companies to entice potential customers with the prospect of huge savings for a short time only. However, in 43% of the adverts we looked at we found… [Continue Reading]

Avoid Holiday Hell: Know Your Travel Rights

Consumers going abroad in recent years have had to contend with the growing threat of their tour operator going bust, but many don’t know their travel rights when this happens. 63,000 customers were left in a panic following the collapse of tour operator Holidays 4 U, but this is a situation consumers are frequently finding… [Continue Reading]

Tour Operator Sued Over ‘Holiday In Hell’

Two of the largest recorded legal actions for compensation against a tour operator are being brought by more than 250 people who claim their Caribbean holidays were “sub-standard” . The company, First Choice has been served a High Court writ from 115 people, following what they describe as a “holiday in hell” on the Caribbean… [Continue Reading]

How to Complain About Your Airline Service

Flying as an airline passenger is an often memorable experience, but there are times where the experience is memorable for all the wrong reasons: mechanical problems, poor service, bad food, lost luggage, or any of a number of other problems that result in a significant inconvenience or financial loss for the passenger. If you experience… [Continue Reading]

Thompson First Choice Pays Compensation to 138 Tourists

More than 130 tourists who were taken seriously ill while on holiday at a hotel in Bulgaria have won a compensation battle with holiday goliath TUI. The company, which trades in the UK as Thomson and First Choice, dramatically offered the 138 holidaymakers a settlement at the eleventh hour after a five-year battle over their… [Continue Reading]