Car Dealership

6 Most Frequently Used Car Selling Scams

Deposit fraud A fraudulent seller will attempt to use high-pressure sales tactics – using lines such as “I’ve got a definite buyer coming in an hour”, or “It’s advertised cheaply for a quick sale” – in order to try and con buyers into paying a large deposit to secure the vehicle. They then easily disappear,… [Continue Reading]

The Diesel Con

At last, someone is talking sense about the Great Diesel Con. Diesel cars, I have been saying for years, are expensive, inefficient, dirty and unreliable compared to their petrol equivalents. This contradicts just about every piece of received wisdom concerning motor fuels. People buy diesels because they think they are more fuel efficient than petrol… [Continue Reading]

Logbook Loans Scam

Unwitting second-hand car buyers are being chased for hundreds of pounds in debts owed on loans taken out by previous owners. Drivers raising finance with so-called logbook loans secured on their vehicles are selling on their cars before settling their accounts. As a nervous first-time car buyer, 24-year-old Louise Stent was careful to pay for… [Continue Reading]

Citroën warranty worthless

Having bought six brand new Citroëns during a lifetime behind the wheel, Kenneth Luty thought the company would go the extra mile when his seventh model – for which he paid more than £16,000 – suffered a major problem during the warranty period. He was wrong. The 82-year-old, who lives in Threshfield, north Yorkshire, may… [Continue Reading]

Stay away from dealership service departments!

It’s a hot topic in the trade at the moment, how do car dealers retain their service department customers, especially after the car becomes 3 years old and the first MOT falls due. There is no doubt that this is an important profit centre for dealerships but it has suffered badly from negative press and… [Continue Reading]

Car hire cons driving YOU mad

Holidaymakers who hire cars overseas have warned how they are being overcharged for upgrades, frightened into taking out extra insurance and returning home to hefty bills for unexpected taxes and additional charges. Money Mail has been inundated with your complaints about car rental companies after we exposed the tricks they use to bump up your… [Continue Reading]

Garage Scam

Clients who take cars in for repair are overcharged thousands of pounds and their vehicles impounded if they don’t pay. Despite hundreds of complaints to police and Trading Standards, the west London garage has not been shut down and continues to trade. Victims who take the company to court often discover the directors have dissolved… [Continue Reading]