The Real Cost of Car Insurance

The average car insurance quote for fully comprehensive car insurance was a whopping £594.86 in July, according to research by the AA. Yet statistics from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) suggest insurers only had to assess (never mind pay out on) claims relating to just under three million private cars in 2012. That’s less… [Continue Reading]

Probe Into £2bn Car Insurance Scandal

The scandal of a £2billion annual rip-off linked to inflated insurance claims for car crashes is to be investigated. Premiums have rocketed as ambulance-chasing lawyers, car hire firms, garages and others cream off huge fees. Extortionate prices to supply hire cars and inflated repair bills for damaged cars are at the centre of an investigation… [Continue Reading]

Scandal of Workington’s postcode lottery for flood insurance

Workington MP Tony Cunningham says he will consider calling for an inquiry after insurance company Esure confirmed that it based its assessments on postcode by postcode flood ratings. Mr Cunnigham called it a postcode “lottery.” An investigation by the Times & Star found that trying to obtain a quote from Esure from 20 properties in… [Continue Reading]