Dating website for PAEDOPHILES exposed by Mirror investigation

A Sunday Mirror investigation discovered encourages male and female paedophiles to get together and raise their own little victims to rape and abuse. A vile social network site created to help perverts breed children for sex has been exposed by a Sunday Mirror investigation. encourages male and female paedophiles to get together and… [Continue Reading]

Government agencies can listen in to private mobile phone calls at the ‘flick of a switch’

Vodafone, one of the world’s largest mobile phone groups, has revealed the existence of secret wires that allow government agencies to listen to all conversations on its networks, saying they are widely used in some of the 29 countries in which it operates in Europe and beyond. The company has broken its silence on government… [Continue Reading]

Fleeced by directory enquiries: BT fined for overcharging on £2.40-a-minute line

BT has been ordered to refund thousands of customers it overcharged in a directory enquiries rip-off. They were kept hanging on the line, unaware it was costing them £2.39 a minute. Many of the victims are elderly or vulnerable. One customer ran up an £81 bill, while another seems to have been charged £454 in… [Continue Reading]

Mobile phone companies ordered to end the 0800 rip-off

Mobile phone networks have been ordered to stop charging customers up to 40p a minute for dialling what should be Freephone 0800 numbers. The move was announced today by the telecom watchdog, Ofcom, as part of a wider crackdown designed to tackle confusion around call costs. Currently, many government departments, local councils, hospitals, charities and… [Continue Reading]

Consumers misled over ‘fixed’ mobile phone contracts

The vast majority of mobile phone stores are misleading customers about the possibility of price increases on so-called “fixed contracts”, according to a consumer watchdog. A mystery shopping investigation by Which? in August found that 82% of staff in the stores it visited gave incorrect information about fixed deals, even when asked directly if the… [Continue Reading]

Broadband firms told to improve speed information

Regulators have told broadband firms they must give an estimated internet access speed after it was found they were breaking a code of conduct designed to stop them misleading new customers with “up to” marketing Ofcom, the communications regulator, said a code of conduct introduced more than three years ago still had not resolved problems…. [Continue Reading]

Mobile phone providers use ‘roaming rip-off’ loophole

Mobile phone providers are exploiting a ‘roaming rip-off’ loophole in order to pocket millions of pounds of price cuts they should be passing on to customers. The European Union is demanding the companies slash internet tariffs – known as data roaming – and European call rates from next Sunday. But phone operators are promoting a… [Continue Reading]