Not exactly family values! Virgin bosses left red-faced as Usain Bolt dirty dances on stage

Usain Bolt has caused embarrassment to Virgin Media after being caught performing crude dance moves at a pre-carnival party in Trinidad and Tobago. The Olympic legend, who features in a number of Virgin adverts for broadband, was pictured in Momentum nightclub ‘daggering’ with a participating female. The controversial dance, which originated in Mr Bolt’s native… [Continue Reading]

Jeremy Paxman draws complaints for scoffing at University Challenge contestant

The BBC receives 44 complaints after Jeremy Paxman’s ‘acerbic’ remarks cause a 20-year-old contestant on University Challenge to repeatedly apologise for answering a question wrong. Jeremy Paxman has upset University Challenge viewers after he caused a contestant to repeatedly apologise for answering a question wrong. The broadcaster, 62, who is no stranger to controversy, reacted… [Continue Reading]

Kanye West attacked by Parkinson’s UK charity over ‘inexcusably stupid’ shaking lyric

Kanye West has been accused of ignorance and stupidity after the rapper mocked Parkinson’s disease sufferers on his new album. The track “On Sight”, from the album Yeesus, includes the lyric: “Soon as I pull up and park the Benz / We get this b***h shaking like Parkinson’s.” The main symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are… [Continue Reading]

Reginald D Hunter’s comedy set at PFA awards was ‘huge mistake’

The Professional Footballers’ Association has become embroiled in a fresh racism row after its chairman, Clarke Carlisle, admitted it was a “huge mistake” to hire the comedian Reginald D Hunter for the union’s annual awards ceremony on Sunday night. Hunter, a black American comedian renowned for racial humour, used the word “nigger” during his set… [Continue Reading]

Jimmy Saville accused of Worthing sex assault

A woman reported she was indecently assaulted by Jimmy Saville in Worthing in 1970, it emerged today. Sussex police confirmed that the woman reported the assault in 2008, but the matter was not taken any further as she did not want to co-operate with any inquiry or prosecution. A police statement said: “In March 2008… [Continue Reading]

An Open Letter to Mary J Blige

Dear Mary J., Gurl, you know we love you. Like for real. We love your triumph. We love your music. We love your passion. But we have no love whatsoever for the recent debacle you decided to lend your image and vocals to. Mary, sometimes ignorance really is bliss; because up until a few hours… [Continue Reading]

BBC Rogue Traders’ Dan Penteado jailed for benefit fraud

A presenter on the BBC consumer affairs show Rogue Traders has been jailed for 12 weeks for benefit fraud totalling more than £24,000. Dan Penteado, 40, from Bournemouth, admitted eight offences of dishonestly or knowingly claiming housing and council tax benefits. Bournemouth Magistrates’ Court heard he failed to declare his BBC earnings. A spokesperson for… [Continue Reading]