Annual pollution limit for Brixton street ALREADY breached – just days into 2017

Brixton_tube_station_entrance[1]THE ANNUAL pollution limit for a London street has already been breached just five days into the New Year.

Brixton Road in south London has already recorded more than 20 hourly readings where the concentration of toxic nitrogen dioxide exceed 200 micrograms per cubic metre.Under European law, people should not be exposed to high levels of NO2 more than 18 times in a whole year. But London’s filthy air regularly exceeds the allowed levels of the gas – which is emitted by diesel engines.  Last year, the limit was broken on January 8 on Putney High Street.

Now climate change campaigners are calling for emergency measures to be put in place to protect Londoners’ health.”He said: “It is absolutely essential that the Mayor now delivers on his promises and that the national government back him to the hilt.

“He has promised to introduce a bigger ultra-low emission zone in 2019 and to deploy the cleanest buses on the most polluted roads.

“While these are vital steps in the right direction, we can’t wait another three years for action. We need immediate action to cut pollution in the short-term and protect Londoners’ health during these pollution spikes.”

Simon Birkett, founder and director of Clean Air in London, added: “When conditions are as bad as they were on Thursday bus services should be suspended, drivers should be advised not to drive and pedestrians should be warned to avoid the area.“We need to ban alfresco dining and the use of outdoor tables for cafes wherever and whenever the WHO guideline for hourly exposure could be breached. Emergency measures are needed.”

Concentration of the thick, fume-filled air was higher yesterday after a “blanket” of still cold air trapped in vehicle emissions, stopping them from being dispersed.

The King’s College’s London Air Quality Network monitor, which is passed by eight bus routes, recorded 17 incidents of high levels of NO2 in a single day – which campaigners have called “staggering”.Levels peaked at around 350 micrograms – 150mgs above the level the World Health Organisation has said reached the limits of safety.

A spokesman for the Mayor said: “The fact that Brixton Road has exceeded the legal safe levels of nitrogen dioxide in the first six days of the year underscores why urgent action is needed to improve air quality across London.

“Just today, the Mayor has announced ten additional Low Emission Bus Zones to help tackle some of our most polluted hotspots as part of a broader plan to transform our bus fleet.”One of these zones will run through Brixton Road, ensuring that only the greenest buses are used on the capital’s most polluted routes.”

The breach comes just one day after new research linked traffic pollution with higher levels of dementia.

The study, which tracked 6.6 million people, estimated one in 10 cases of Alzheimer’s among those living by busy roads could be linked to air and noise pollution.


Source:  Evening Standard


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