Community in action against exorbitant plane fares to Jamaica

00011325[1] For the last few years, many travellers to Jamaica have seen a massive increase in airfares and a further reduction of their baggage allowances. The major airlines, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are the only two commercial airlines which fly to Jamaica from the UK, and as a result, they have certainly used this opportunity to their advantage, but in contrast, a major disadvantage to passengers. This is nothing short of exploitation it is argued.


Destinations like the USA which takes approximately the same flying time as Jamaica have far cheaper rates of travel. In addition, destinations like Brazil, Ghana, Nigeria, etc. are still allowed two pieces of baggage each weighing 23kg or even 30kg. Clearly, the reduction of our allowance to and from Jamaica has nothing to do with safety, therefore, to charge us more for our flights and restricting us to a mere 23kg or to force us to pay the extortionate rates for extras is down-right immoral and unacceptable.

A family of four traveling to Jamaica during a school holiday is looking at an average of £7000 to cover airfare alone for the economy cabin. Each passenger is entitled only to one piece of luggage that weighs 23kg. When people travel to Jamaica one suitcase of 23kg is useless. Therefore you are forced to fork out an additional £35-£55 (on-line) or £40- £65(at the airport) for an extra baggage and a further £120 for adding another baggage. Therefore a   family of four may end up paying close to £8000 in total if they carry extra luggage, and spending money for the family is not added as yet.


After a community consultation meeting it was agreed that what is required is for the airfares to be lowered to around the £500.00 mark, and for the baggage allowances to revert to two suitcases and if this does not happen it was agreed that there will be a call to boycott both British Airways and Virgin Atlantic on key agreed month/s. This will continue until we achieve our objective as the only way they will listen and act is when financially they are affected.

We are asking you to sign this petition not just now but right now to register your support to this campaign to achieve the desired results.

“United We Stand and Success we will achieve”

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  1. Mandingo on , says

    I was the first person to denounce this gross exploitation by Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines who incidentally made a lot of money out of Reggae people before buying his own airline.Read his autobiography.Bruce Golding removed Mike Henry his minister re airline travel etc because Henry was going to stop the infamous Omar Davies (Minister of Finance) deal which resulted in Davies selling the internationally lucrative Heathrow slot to Branson for a pittance.I wonder why?Before Virgin came to Jamaica Air Jamaica allowed each passenger 2 suitcases of 70 pounds each and Branson reduced it to 1 suitcase of 50 pounds ! Chris Blackwell and Rita Anderson Marley were part and parcel of Branson’s Virgin campaign to enter Jamaica.What we have now is a duopoly of Virgin and British Airways who charge Jamaicans exorbitant prices to go to Jamaica and at the same time penalise our baggage allowances.I,we demand the return of Air Jamaica that Golding sold to the Trinidadian CAL instead of selling it to the Jamaican pilots’ et al group that wanted to buy it.WE DEMAND REASONABLE FARES AND BAGGAGE ALLOWANCES TO JAMAICA.


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    • Charmaine Brown on , says

      Mandingo thank you for this insightful and analytical piece on Jamaican politricks which disregards the needs of its people inspite of our investment in exorbitant air fares. Thanks once again for naming and shaming the well known politricksters. This explains clearly why the Jamaican High Commission remains silent.

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    • Halima on , says

      Excellent! This is exactly what you have been saying since you alerted me and others more than two years ago. I have signed petitions before, like countless other people, and nothing has changed. The politicians sold out for free first class airline tickets which they are able to afford to purchase for themselves. This just shows how cheaply they come. I do hope that something will come out of this very soon as the unreasonable high cost of travel is a stranglehold on passengers. Thank you for putting it so clearly.

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  2. A Turner on , says

    It is absolutely ridiculous!

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  3. Charmaine Brown on , says

    I am pleased to see that zeronation presents the realistic view on the dire, dire situation regarding the artificially high air fares to Jamaica and other Caribbean Islands. As well as the petition, I would like all those people who feel offended by these exorbitant fares to boycott the airlines for 1 week initially and extend it further to suit our needs. It is obvious that people who travel to the Caribbean are subsiding these routes.
    Caribbean High Commissions should be leading the protests but have remained eeriely silent.
    We do have some power, but we need to exercise that power by any means necessary.

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  4. Jacqui Banton on , says

    I strongly believe the air fares to Jamaica is unfair and extortionate. It takes no longer to fly to Jamaica than it does to America. It is time Jamaicans are treated fairly particularly since it is one of the most visited countries in the caribbean. If something is not done about this all Jamaicans will boycott Virgin Atlantic flights and when I say boycott I mean boycott as Jamaicans are very good at boycotting and sticking to their word. We are not afraid to stand together

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  5. Iris Reid on , says

    I would love to see Air Jamaica back on this route these people are just using and abusing Jamaican. They have penalized Air JA in order to take away the slot. In order to have the fares drop drastically or allowing our air line running again we will have to fight to end. We need to be treated fairly like they do to the rest of countries.

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  6. Don Taylor on , says

    i did not know about this boycott…i am in the states…and i do know about the trini-product-boycott being done by jamaicans around the world…i am a JAM-yank and i will support this JAM-brits effort any way i can…i will also suggest making connectons flights to JAM-ROCK…lets say UK to JFK TO JAM-ROCK it may take longer but it could be cheaper…

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