Liquid Cosh Scandal

Methadone-006[1]In 1970 I became reporter for Time Out magazine. I had recently been released from prison after serving a sentence for a crime I was innocent of and had been disturbed by the use of a powerful tranquilizers used in prison to control inmates known as “liquid cosh.”

I went to the Time Out offices just off the The Strand, London and met Tony Eliot the radical head of the magazine with my story. He was interested and asked me why I wanted it printed,” was it for money?” and I replied ” no just so the truth will come out.”

I asked him if he was going to write the story.

“No you are” he replied.

I was proud when my story, illustrated by my drawings, hit the newsstands and surprised and pleased when I received my first cheque as a reporter.

The Home Office denied that prisoners were being used as guinea pigs and were being given large amounts of “liquid cosh,” but then Tony Eliot did a follow up story after he had contacted the pharmaceutical firm who supplied drugs to the prison and simply divided the amount of drugs supplied into the number of prisoners.

The figures proved that the amount that had been supplied was enough to give every prisoner a massive overdose!

Years later when I visited old people in “care homes” I recognised that far away look and the blank staring into space that affects those under the influence of powerful “antipsychotic drugs” called liquid cosh.

It has recently come to light that approximately 180,000 people with dementia are prescribed antipsychotic drugs in the UK in order to control them and that 80 per cent these prescriptions are inappropriate.

Doctors have warned that long-term use of liquid cosh exacerbates dementia, stops the victims talking, walking and increases the risk of stroke and sudden death.

More than fifty health and social care organisations are calling for action to cut the over prescription of “chemical cosh” drugs in order to control when dementia patients become aggressive, agitated or distressed.

An independent report for the Government in November 2009 said that liquid cosh killed approximately 1,800 patients a year…

I suggest that this is a deliberate extermination program that’s been going on for years and still going on!

If one of your relation is in a “care home” ask the doctor what drugs they are on…if you care because one day you might be in one…


Source:  All Voices


  1. Stewart pike on , says

    When I was In prison in the 80s I was given nygatal.liquid cosh , every morning , smashed all day dribbling and not being able to walk or talk , no one listened , I endured this for about 6 years , I am now physically okay , but mentally scared , still no help . no answers , suicides rising in jail ,

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