Mission Statement

It’s an unfortunate fact that shameful business practices, poor customer service and rip offs are still taking place in the UK everyday and rather than to just complain to the businesses who are creating these situations, it’s time to name and shame them universally and warn others of such bad practices and force these businesses to ‘fix-up’!

Some businesses are unable (or unwilling) to see beyond profit margins which mean they cannot see or even care about the damage they are creating as far as customer satisfaction is concerned.

Zero Nation is a weapon for the mass disgusted! and it’s here to address that situation by allowing people to share their bad experiences with others or simply vent their frustration about negative experiences, situations and people.


UNMASKING the acts of inconsideration, self-centeredness, egotistical, self-indulgent attitudes which are so often to be found in the behaviour and characteristics of PEOPLE


REVEALING the bad experiences of items which have failed to live up to expectations as promised despite, in some cases, satuated media and TV hype of PRODUCTS.


EXPOSING the lack of consideration given the fact that this is a sector which is used by so many yet still failing to meet the standards required from SERVICES.


UNVEILING the careless approach given out to those who regularly patronise such places only to be rewarded with sub-standard and negative results from VENUES.


SHOWING the unfair, lacklustre and biased communications which is often churned out and loosely sheilded in the name of information or entertainment within the MEDIA.


UNCOVERING the level of diabolical, greedy, shoddy and just downright sub-standard manner which is not compatable with what is            expected of COMPANIES. 


HAVING your say regarding hot topics which concern you and which you may feel strongly about and would like to see how others feel about the same issue by taking part in our POLL.