Pret A Manger accepts folley of ‘sandwiches in exchange for work experience’

Pret A Manger has been forced to backtrack on plans for a work experience scheme which would have seen 16-18 year olds offered free sandwiches. The company announced the “Big Experience Week Scheme” on Monday, which it said would allow 500 young people to “get exposure to aspects of our business including food production, customer service, social responsibility.”… [Continue Reading]

Save the Stockwell Community Centre from closure

Hyde Housing Association is planning to get rid of its Community Centres in Lambeth and the rest of London. It wants to lease Stockwell Community Centre to a private group and flatten the Centre on Kennington Park Estate. There, they want to build luxury flats for sale, with no social housing. But these Centre are… [Continue Reading]

Do your parenting by Skype, UK tells fathers being deported to Jamaica

A secret Home Office flight tomorrow (Wednesday 7 September) will forcibly remove fathers 4,500 miles away from their children in the UK. An elderly man with British children and grandchildren is among passengers due to be forcibly flown to Jamaica tomorrow. Other passengers on the secret Home Office flight include a father of three who… [Continue Reading]

R.I.P Social Housing

Dear Housing Activists 2016 is going to get off to a very bad start if the government go ahead with their disastrous Housing Bill! Below is reprinted the info from Architects for Social Housing about some of the worst effects of the Bill. Please share it. Sign up for the protest. And prepare to carry… [Continue Reading]

Housing is the next target in David Cameron’s dismantling of the welfare state

Before he was elected, David Cameron had Harold Macmillan’s picture on his desk to show he, too, was a one-nation, noblesse oblige, postwar consensus sort of politician – part of his “big society” disguise. But how misleading to choose Macmillan – who, appalled by what he’d seen of the great depression while MP for Stockton-on-Tees,… [Continue Reading]

Chilcot report delays blamed on ‘vested interests’

Anger over continued delays in the publication of the report into the Iraq war has swung back against the government with allegations that “vested interests” have tried to suppress evidence. The inquiry, chaired by former Whitehall mandarin Sir John Chilcot and established in 2009, has yet to name a date for the publication of its… [Continue Reading]

National demonstration at the Conservative Party conference

On Wednesday 8/07/2015, the chancellor, George Osborne,  gave his second budget in four months, to tell us what he didn’t want to tell us before the election – above all, how the Conservative government will find an extra £12bn in welfare cuts. The prime minister, David Cameron, has hinted at major cuts to tax credits…. [Continue Reading]