Pret A Manger accepts folley of ‘sandwiches in exchange for work experience’

Pret A Manger has been forced to backtrack on plans for a work experience scheme which would have seen 16-18 year olds offered free sandwiches. The company announced the “Big Experience Week Scheme” on Monday, which it said would allow 500 young people to “get exposure to aspects of our business including food production, customer service, social responsibility.”… [Continue Reading]

Yarl’s Wood protest: we’re not animals, we just want respect

Detainees at Yarl’s Wood immigration centre were reportedly protesting on Tuesday (03/03/215) inside the grounds of the facility following a Channel 4 News investigation. Channel 4 News spoke to two women inside Yarl’s Wood immigration detention centre on Wednesday morning, amid reports that detainees are threatening to go on hunger strike. Women were heard shouting… [Continue Reading]

Fourfold rise in youth on poverty pay

Don’t be young.  Not if you want a house or enough to live on. A new study out this month details the continuing decay of youth wages and home ownership. Research by the Resolution Foundation has found the proportion of young people on low pay has nearly quadrupled since 1975. Numbers aged 21 to 30… [Continue Reading]

How private firms make quick killing from PFI

Private contractors have pocketed hundreds of millions of pounds of profits in the past four years by exploiting deals that were controversially awarded to them by the last Labour government. Companies that were awarded contracts to build and maintain state schools for 25 years have been doubling their money by “flipping”, or selling on, the… [Continue Reading]

NHS whistleblowers – A new betrayal

An NHS whistleblower has been threatened with the sack after going public with concerns that a hospital was fiddling its appalling death rates. Sandra Haynes Kirkbright claimed she was headhunted by hospital bosses and asked to ‘fix’ the figures to cover up the true extent of the hospital’s failings. Mrs Haynes Kirkbright was suspended by… [Continue Reading]

Solidarity with South African striking miners

Dear comrade,   Around 80,000 South African platinum miners have been on strike for four months in a titanic battle for a living wage. The outcome will have huge implications for the struggle ahead. It is an intensely political struggle together bringing together the battle against the bosses and the state. The workers are demanding… [Continue Reading]

Smoking ban to be introduced in prisons – but will inmates riot when they can no longer light up?

Smoking is set to be banned in all prisons in England and Wales, sparking fears inmates may riot when they are stopped from lighting up, it emerged last night. As of next year, prisoners will be unable to smoke in all parts of the jails – including exercise yards. They are expected to be offered… [Continue Reading]