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Deposit for first home in London hits all-time high of £64,000

The average deposit for first-time buyers in London has hit an all-time high of £64,000, figures reveal today. Rising prices and lenders’ refusal to advance “high-risk” mortgages means they are being forced to find ever more cash to own a property. The hurdle has not stopped a flood of first-timers returning to the housing market… [Continue Reading]

‘Very modest’ house purchases now hit with high-level stamp duty

More than a quarter of all homes bought in the past year had the higher rate of stamp duty imposed upon them, requiring people to pay the Treasury lump sums of at least £7,500. The tax has been described as “punitive”, preventing people from getting on the property ladder or forcing them to decide against… [Continue Reading]

Can you trust estate agents?

There are some good reasons why estate agents are one of the most disliked professions – and deliberately failing to value your property correctly is one of them. William Adams, 69, from East Grinstead, learned about some of the tricks estate agents can pull the hard way. He found himself on the receiving end of… [Continue Reading]

Beware Rogue Letting Agents

Nearly two thirds of 20 to 45-year-olds don’t believe they have any chance of getting onto the property ladder, according to Halifax, which now claims Britain is becoming a “nation of renters”. However, the lack of regulation governing the lettings industry means many people are falling victim to rogue agents. Last year there were 1,338… [Continue Reading]