Save the Stockwell Community Centre from closure

Hyde Housing Association is planning to get rid of its Community Centres in Lambeth and the rest of London. It wants to lease Stockwell Community Centre to a private group and flatten the Centre on Kennington Park Estate. There, they want to build luxury flats for sale, with no social housing. But these Centre are… [Continue Reading]

Poor are driven from their homes as rich snap up land

Average house prices in London rose by nearly ten percent last year—over twice as fast as any other region. The average home now costs £500,000 to buy or £1,348 a month to rent. With wages low and benefits slashed, it’s becoming impossible even for skilled workers to afford to live in many areas—let alone the… [Continue Reading]

Protest called over ‘intolerable living conditions’ as developers construct Oval Quarter in Myatt’s Fields

A protest has been called for against the ‘intolerable living conditions on the demolition site’ for the Oval Quarter. Myatt’s Field North Residents Association and Monitoring Board is organising the action, stating that the Myatt’s Field North PFI ‘regeneration’ scheme is making living condition difficult for existing residents. Council tenant Stephen Hack stated: “What is… [Continue Reading]

Ewell tenants accuse housing association of turning into Scrooge for removing Christmas wreaths

Angry tenants have accused their housing association of turning into Scrooge after it removed Christmas wreaths from their doors and then demanded money for their return. Joanna Bennett, 30, of Duke’s Court, Revere Way, West Ewell, has condemned the “Scrooge-like” approach of Thames Valley Housing Association (TVHA) which removed 16 wreaths from outside flats on… [Continue Reading]

Theresa May’s immigration bill is a valuable tool for racist landlords

When my mum first came to Britain from Jamaica in the 60s, overt racism was just a normal part of her day-to-day experience. She never tires of telling me about the famous “No blacks, no Irish, no dogs” signs that landlords put up on properties. In those days before equality regulation, bigotry didn’t need to… [Continue Reading]

Government cracks down on rogue landlords

A crackdown on rogue private landlords will be announced by the Government today to root out “cowboy operators” who rip off or harass their tenants. All letting and property management agents will soon be forced to join a redress scheme to ensure tenants can complain about hidden fees and poor service and can receive compensation… [Continue Reading]

Newham Landlords Face First Mandatory Licensing Scheme

Landlords will be required to show they are ‘fit and proper’ and that anti-social behaviour will be effectively managed Complaints against landlords reached 86,000 last year, yet there were only 270 prosecutions, according to a nationwide survey. Landlords who rent out properties privately in a borough in east London could be the first in the… [Continue Reading]