Common Neighbour Disputes

Access to a neighbour’s land for repairs If you want to carry out repairs to property or land you may need to have access to your neighbouring property or land in order to carry out these repairs. There may be a right of entry specifically for the purposes of inspection or repair in the property’s… [Continue Reading]

‘Neighbours from hell’ claim eviction breached their human rights

A family evicted from their council house for being “neighbours from hell” are using human rights legislation to attempt to overturn the decision – or be paid compensation. Paul and Amanda Wilkes and their two children were finally thrown out of their home after 57 allegations of anti-social behaviour in just five months. But they… [Continue Reading]

London ‘neighbour from hell’ loses appeal against Asbo

A millionaire property developer branded a “neighbour from hell” has lost an appeal against an Asbo for her abusive behaviour in central London. Patricia Bailey, 60, said allegations that she taunted neighbours with racist and homophobic remarks were false. But at Southwark Crown Court, Recorder Jeremy Donne QC described her as “a witness who lacked… [Continue Reading]