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Weapon for the mass disgusted

We often assume villains to be tying damsels to railway tracks or trying to gain world domination. Whoever the villain were, it’s always been the same concept; someone hell-bent on spoiling things for others, taking what they can for themselves and making promises they have no intention of keeping. There are many types of villains all with their own disarming ability to lull us into a false sense of security in order to exact their dispicable behaviour on us thus causing sorrow, heartache, headache and all round confusion.

The terrible truth is, villains are still very much around us today, even though they may not be attempting to make a fur coat out of 101 doggies, they are still villains. These villains – oh what the heck, lets call them ‘Zero’s’ because that’s what they are – these ‘Zero’s’ come in all shapes and sizes and they don’t play fair. The ‘Zero’ could be someone who refuses to do their share of housework, keep their room tidy, forgot your birthday or anniversary (again!!!) or perhaps it’s a company which have given you poor service, a travel company who told you the hotel was overlooking the Riviera only to get there and find the hotel was only half built and overlooking a sewage dump! Or perhaps the ‘Zero’ was a faulty product or a V.I.P (Very Irritating Person!!), ahem, don’t we all know someone like that!?. We hear about celebs behaving badly, but they’re not the only ones behaving badly; everyday people in everyday situations can be just as naughty; it’s just that Big Brother hadn’t been watching them…..until now……

Anyone is capable of being a ‘Zero’, so long as you have the required qualifications such as inconsideration, selfishness and the ability to make others lives more difficult than it needs be, it could be your mum, dad, brother, sister, cousin, work colleague, someone you’ve heard/read about, a company, a nite club/venue, a business, a travel/airline company….the list is almost as endless as the times you’ve found yourself going nowhere fast because of something a ‘Zero’ has said or done (or not done in some cases). It could be how a ‘Zero’ made you feel; Samuel Adams once said, “mankind are governed more by their feelings than by their reason.”

Recent events have shown we are certainly not short of a ‘Zero’ or two and how better to expose them than to have them immortalised on a website as a permanent reminder (or warning, depending on your view!) to others.


  • Do you shudder when you hear the words “I’ll be back”?
  • Do you quake when you hear the words “I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse”?
  • Do you tremble when you hear the words “Heeeeeere’s Johnny”?
  • Do you scream when you hear the words “Drat, and double drat”?
  • Do you collapse in a heap when you hear the words “Lunch is for wimps”?


If the answer to any of these is yes, then check out our brand new website ZeroNation where you can include your stories, pictures and clips and it doesn’t even have to be about the story on the actual page so long as it relates to the sub-category, please feel free to vent and get it off your chest – name and shame!

Please also check out:  http://www.dissnation.com