Annual pollution limit for Brixton street ALREADY breached – just days into 2017

THE ANNUAL pollution limit for a London street has already been breached just five days into the New Year. Brixton Road in south London has already recorded more than 20 hourly readings where the concentration of toxic nitrogen dioxide exceed 200 micrograms per cubic metre.Under European law, people should not be exposed to high levels… [Continue Reading]

Artificial sweeteners really ARE bad for you: They make you crave real sugar even more

Millions rely on them to help stay thin but artificial sweeteners may actually make us eat more. Research has linked the popular sugar alternatives to increased appetite – with real sugar particularly appealing. The studies were done on animals but the Australian researchers believe the findings are likely to apply to people too – and… [Continue Reading]

Boots fiddling its profits by carrying out unnecessary medicine reviews

Boots has been accused of boosting its profits by telling its staff to carry out unnecessary medicine reviews – which are paid for by the NHS. The UK’s biggest pharmacy chain has ordered some staff to carry out medicine-use reviews (MURs) for people who do not need them – including its own staff – a Guardian investigation… [Continue Reading]

Police Scam Motorist over Speed Awareness Courses

Police are conning motorists over speed awareness courses by failing to make clear how drivers could inadvertently leave themselves uninsured by taking part, campaigners have said. Insurers have admitted they treat speed awareness courses the same as penalty points and it is now feared that failing to declare taking part in course could invalidate your… [Continue Reading]

Police Forces Blackmailing Speeding Motorists

Police forces are pocketing tens of millions of pounds by ‘blackmailing’ motorists to attend speed awareness courses, it has been revealed. They received £54 million last year alone by sending more than 1.3 million drivers on the controversial one-day sessions. The startling figures explode the myth that chief constables have no interest in snaring motorists… [Continue Reading]

Cressingham Gardens Estate

Lambeth council’s approach to estate regeneration appears superior to many, but has run into formidable resistance from residents in one notable case. The Cressingham Gardens housing estate in Lambeth contains 306 homes and stands right next to Brockwell Park. It was built in the 1960s under the guidance of the late Ted Hollamby, a celebrated… [Continue Reading]

Dairy farmers and shoppers ‘ripped off’ by bankers

Dairy farmers and shoppers are being ripped off by bankers who are rigging the money markets, a regional chairman of the National Farmers Union has warned. Farmers claim that the manipulation of foreign exchange rates has hit the subsidy they receive from the European Union, threatening their livelihoods. They warned that the banks are “stealing… [Continue Reading]