Police Scam Motorist over Speed Awareness Courses

Police are conning motorists over speed awareness courses by failing to make clear how drivers could inadvertently leave themselves uninsured by taking part, campaigners have said. Insurers have admitted they treat speed awareness courses the same as penalty points and it is now feared that failing to declare taking part in course could invalidate your… [Continue Reading]

Police Forces Blackmailing Speeding Motorists

Police forces are pocketing tens of millions of pounds by ‘blackmailing’ motorists to attend speed awareness courses, it has been revealed. They received £54 million last year alone by sending more than 1.3 million drivers on the controversial one-day sessions. The startling figures explode the myth that chief constables have no interest in snaring motorists… [Continue Reading]

Did gun crime conspiracy spark the 2011 inferno? Rioting. Bloodshed. A complete breakdown of the rule of law.

It was the summer that London burned, when the police shooting of a young black man led to the capital’s worst uprising for a generation. The indefensible anarchy that followed the death of gun-carrying Mark Duggan in 2011 put an intolerable pressure on police. It also led to a wave of derision against the thieves… [Continue Reading]

UK police make requests to access email and phone records once every two minutes

Police forces in the UK request access to monitor emails, phone records or internet searches once every two minutes, according to a report. Between 2012 and 1014, there were more than 730,000 requests for communications data made by police, 92% of which were accepted. The figures, obtained by privacy campaigner Big Brother Watch using Freedom… [Continue Reading]

Operation Trident is effectively over – now we are all vulnerable

Police confirmation that they had moved the central core of Operation Trident – its dedicated murder investigation unit – to the homicide and serious crime command, effectively signals the end of Trident, the London-based organisation I founded with other community activists in the mid-1990s. Back then, while the culture of gun crime affected whole communities… [Continue Reading]

UK Police Taser One Child Per Day

Tasers are being used by UK police almost every day on children, some as young as 11 years old, according to official Home Office figures. Since tasers were cleared for use on under 18s in 2007, their use on the young in England has grown from 29 in 2007 to 323 in 2011 – equivalent… [Continue Reading]

Never Allow the Police into your Home

Many believe that if a uniformed officer (or PCSO) knock at the door they have an automatic right to enter our homes. Or, if they ask to be let in and you refuse, you have committed an offence. The reality however is very different. Because by inviting a police officer into your home you are… [Continue Reading]