Artificial sweeteners really ARE bad for you: They make you crave real sugar even more

Millions rely on them to help stay thin but artificial sweeteners may actually make us eat more. Research has linked the popular sugar alternatives to increased appetite – with real sugar particularly appealing. The studies were done on animals but the Australian researchers believe the findings are likely to apply to people too – and… [Continue Reading]

Boots fiddling its profits by carrying out unnecessary medicine reviews

Boots has been accused of boosting its profits by telling its staff to carry out unnecessary medicine reviews – which are paid for by the NHS. The UK’s biggest pharmacy chain has ordered some staff to carry out medicine-use reviews (MURs) for people who do not need them – including its own staff – a Guardian investigation… [Continue Reading]

Yves Saint Laurent ad banned for using ‘unhealthily underweight’ model

An advert by the fashion company Yves Saint Laurent has been banned by the UK’s advertising watchdog for using a model who appeared to be unhealthily underweight. Upholding a complaint that the model looked too thin, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) censured the advert, which appeared in Elle magazine, as irresponsible. In its ruling, published… [Continue Reading]

10 latest scam to avoid

Scammers may be ruthless, despicable and immoral – but they sure are creative. Every day, they are working hard to invest new and ever more successful ways to con you out of your cash. Here are 10 of the latest scams to sweep across the country – along with help on how to protect yourself…. [Continue Reading]

Real Cost of a Designer Handbag

Buy a designer handbag, and we all know you’re paying a heavy price for the name of the designer. But, just much of your money is going straight into the pockets of the handbag companies’ shareholders? The handbag The price of designer handbags can vary from a few hundred pounds up to tens of thousands… [Continue Reading]

Customers queue for too long before being offered services they don’t want

Customers are queuing for up to ten minutes to be served at post offices then pressed to buy services they do not want, a report says today. Campaign group Consumer Focus criticises the use of ‘active up-selling’ at Post Offices, which sell all types of financial products from travel money to mortgages, and warns of… [Continue Reading]

UK high street shops will be more like depots in the future

Retail marketing expert Dr Scott Dacko says the UK high street is in the grip of a radical transformation which will see shops becoming more like depots in the future. Jessops, Blockbusters, HMV and Comet have all gone to the wall recently prompting headlines declaring it is the death of the British high street. But… [Continue Reading]