Thousands sign petition to fight redevelopment of Brixton railway arches as traders face eviction

More than 13,000 campaigners have signed a petition against plans to redevelop the railway arches around Brixton station, with traders saying the scheme is tantamount to an amputation. Network Rail has contacted 18 businesses between Atlantic Road, Brixton Station Road and Pope’s Road – near popular “foodie” destinations Brixton Village and Market Row – saying… [Continue Reading]

Boris buses branded ‘cauldrons on wheels’

They were unveiled to much fanfare as a cool new addition to London’s streets. But the state-of-the-art Routemaster buses have left passengers fuming after a faulty air conditioning caused temperatures on board to soar. Heat levels on some of the buses were found to have exceeded the maximum allowed for transporting farm animals across Europe…. [Continue Reading]

‘London buses won’t stop when they see me,’ says disabled commuter

A disabled man told today how his promising career has been threatened by London bus drivers refusing to allow him on board with his mobility scooter. Television editor Ollie Knocker, who has muscular dystrophy, claims he is late for work at least twice a week because buses either zoom past without stopping or drivers refuse… [Continue Reading]

Traffic wardens on the rise while free parking spaces are cut

The number of traffic wardens has increased by six per cent in just four years, according to a report. More are being recruited to clamp down on drivers who stop illegally – which has risen as councils reduce the amount of free parking. John O’Roarke of LV= car insurance, which compiled the data, said: ‘The… [Continue Reading]

Mobile menace on public transport?

Imagine the scene, you’ve been on a packed tube train for around half an hour, you spent ten minutes pressed up against some big guy’s armpit, you were kicked by a kid in a pram (prams on tubes should be banned before phones) and you finally get a seat when someone sat opposite you answers… [Continue Reading]