Annual pollution limit for Brixton street ALREADY breached – just days into 2017

THE ANNUAL pollution limit for a London street has already been breached just five days into the New Year. Brixton Road in south London has already recorded more than 20 hourly readings where the concentration of toxic nitrogen dioxide exceed 200 micrograms per cubic metre.Under European law, people should not be exposed to high levels… [Continue Reading]

Brixton at standstill as crowds register frustration at gentrification

Brixton’s roads were blocked for most of Saturday as crowds rallied outside the Black Cultural Archives and protest marches against gentrification halted traffic as they circled the high street and market. Protesters vented frustration at a lack of affordable homes, closures of long-established local businesses, alleged police racism and a perceived influx of wealthier residents… [Continue Reading]


‘At the height of empire, Britain used to send missionaries out to Africa and Asia to instruct the natives in personal hygiene, instil good manners and preach the gospel.  The occasional unlucky one found himself in a cannibal’s pot for his trouble; but mostly they won out, establishing themselves as the kindly, civilising arm of… [Continue Reading]

Stop The Brixton College Sell Off!

If I were to describe to you a scenario where a College in one of the most deprived diverse areas of London was to close and the site was bought by Government, with tax payers money, to be handed over to an free school organisation whose chair has a track record of articulating the most… [Continue Reading]