Tenant Management Organisations – A Risky Gamble?

Tenant management is promoted the best form of social housing management.  Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs), which have been around since the late 1980s, are touted as a co-operative system under which council housing residents – both renters and leaseholders – successfully manage their estates under benign council supervision.  Unfortunately this is not the whole story. … [Continue Reading]

Prosecute individuals involved if banks break the law

Eight in ten (78%) people think that where banks have broken the law individuals should be personally prosecuted. Consumers also continue to have low confidence in the Government to handle the banking crisis effectively, with two-thirds (66%) saying the Government will not act in their best interests when implementing banking reform. This figure has not… [Continue Reading]

Thousands of police accused of corruption – just 13 convicted

“Forces should not probe their own officers” says IPCC cheif as shocking figures come to light. The new head of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has questioned the ability of forces to investigate their own officers for corruption after it emerged that more than 8,500 allegations of wrongdoing resulted in just 13 criminal convictions…. [Continue Reading]