Pret A Manger accepts folley of ‘sandwiches in exchange for work experience’

Pret A Manger has been forced to backtrack on plans for a work experience scheme which would have seen 16-18 year olds offered free sandwiches. The company announced the “Big Experience Week Scheme” on Monday, which it said would allow 500 young people to “get exposure to aspects of our business including food production, customer service, social responsibility.”… [Continue Reading]

Dairy farming: No milk of human kindness left

A modest spread beside the velvety banks of the Severn estuary in Gloucestershire, Tump Farm has changed little during the four generations that Andrew Guest’s family have been running it. The cows are contented, the farmer loves his work and around the place, with its weather-battered barns and veteran tractor, hangs a reassuringly old-fashioned sense… [Continue Reading]