The sick truth about our meat

Three dead pigs lie piled on top of one another, dumped in a corner of a hangar-like building at a farm in the north-east of England. From the snout of one, a stream of blood snakes across the concrete floor and into an adjoining pen. There, young, live animals are held in groups of five… [Continue Reading]

Housing is the next target in David Cameron’s dismantling of the welfare state

Before he was elected, David Cameron had Harold Macmillan’s picture on his desk to show he, too, was a one-nation, noblesse oblige, postwar consensus sort of politician – part of his “big society” disguise. But how misleading to choose Macmillan – who, appalled by what he’d seen of the great depression while MP for Stockton-on-Tees,… [Continue Reading]

Medicalising “Difficult” Prisoners To Prolong Their Imprisonment

The use by the prison system of in-house psychologists to medicalise the personality of “difficult” prisoners and prolong their imprisonment has become wide-spread and institutionalised. Historically the involvement and collusion of prison-hired doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists in the ill-treatment and repression of prisoners has a long and infamous tradition. In the 1960s and 1970s compliant… [Continue Reading]

The Good Life Letter

Discover the dark secrets of a dirty drug deal that threatens everyone you know • The politics of drug dealing • Why you should act against the drug pushers – and how to do it Dear one & all, The scene opens. We see a tall dilapidated office building in a rundown seaport in Japan…. [Continue Reading]