UK police make requests to access email and phone records once every two minutes

Police forces in the UK request access to monitor emails, phone records or internet searches once every two minutes, according to a report. Between 2012 and 1014, there were more than 730,000 requests for communications data made by police, 92% of which were accepted. The figures, obtained by privacy campaigner Big Brother Watch using Freedom… [Continue Reading]

Never Allow the Police into your Home

Many believe that if a uniformed officer (or PCSO) knock at the door they have an automatic right to enter our homes. Or, if they ask to be let in and you refuse, you have committed an offence. The reality however is very different. Because by inviting a police officer into your home you are… [Continue Reading]

Petition Calls For Deaths In Custody Inquiry

Families fight for action over almost 6,000 deaths in custody. A COALITION of families who have lost loved ones has urged 100,000 people to support their e-petition to force the Government to take action over almost 6,000 deaths in custody. Members of the United Families and Friends Campaign (UFFC) told The Voice they need 100,000… [Continue Reading]