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‘Get the British Museum to give up our treasures’

INTERESTING TO see that movie star George Clooney is demanding that the famed Elgin Marbles should be returned to Greece from whence they were plundered. It’s not surprising that the star is making his views known in this way because, after all, he’s vocally political and what he says carries clout. I doubt very much,… [Continue Reading]

Fans walk out of Madonna’s ‘boring’ Hyde Park concert

HUNDREDS of fans walked out of Madonna’s Hyde Park concert last night (17th July 2012) complaining they were bored and calling her gig the “worst ever”. Many left the show – her first concert in England in four years – with more than half an hour remaining, despite the singer performing a raunchy striptease. This… [Continue Reading]

The Voice denied access to Olympics stadium

After 30 years it’s a London 2012 no go for UK’s leading black publication. THE UK’s leading black publication, The Voice has been denied access to the Olympic Stadium for this month’s London 2012 extravaganza. This is after the British Olympic Association launched an elaborate and successful campaign to highlight London’s unique cosmopolitan culture as… [Continue Reading]

Theatre accused of ‘outrageous discrimination’

During a performance of hit musical Wicked, staff repeatedly moved Gregor Morris, 12, around the Apollo Victoria theatre following concerns raised by a “precious sound engineer”. A manager initially asked Gregor’s father to move his family behind a glass screen at the back of the stalls. The manager then told the Morrises to sit on… [Continue Reading]

How to deal with the very worst concert nuisances

Peter Maxwell Davies is being characteristically prickly in wanting to fine the owners of mobile phones that ring in concerts – or so he’s been reported saying in a speech at the St Magnus Festival – but you can understand where he’s coming from. Unwanted mobile melodies are the curse of the concert hall, adding… [Continue Reading]